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Music Is Just The First Step

Now that you’ve got your songs recorded and ready, you need to do everything you can to make sure people are going to listen.

Album Artwork

Your music is as unique as you. so why wouldn’t you make sure it stands out? Album covers make a statement. Work with one of our top designers to create artwork that lets the world know who you are.

See examples of our previous work:

Album 1
You and Me Again
James Daly
Album 2
I never got to say this
Album 3
Go For Gold
Dennis Berghaus
Album 4
Middle of the Night
Emma Rose
Album 5
In My Hand
Sarah Tomlinson
€119 each

Instagram Stories Ad

These days, it’s vital that you’re able to cut through the noise of digital life. You need to be meeting your fans where they spend their time and letting them know what you’re all about.

A perfect way to do this is through expertly curated Instagram ads.

Since its conception in 2016, the Instagram Stories feature has now grown to more than 300 million daily active users. It’s a fantastic opportunity for forward thinking artists to stay ahead of the curve and rapidly grow your fanbase.

Work with our designers to create something eye catching, powerful, and highly effective at rapidly growing a loyal fanbase.

15 seconds €239
30 seconds €349

Instagram Countdown

What better way to generate some buzz about your latest release than with a countdown? Work with our designers to create a custom countdown that will get the people goin’!

Build anticipation and get people excited!

1 Day €89
7 Day €149

Streaming Service Setup And Managment

You’ve worked hard to get your music sounding the best it can, so you want it to be heard by everyone.

We’ll get your music on every streaming and sales platform in the world – so you can start earning money from your tracks. Let’s be honest, it can be long and boring getting everything uploaded and prepped for release.

We do the hard part for you.

€15 per track for the 1st year
(€10 every year and track after)
Spotify Mobile Spotify

Get The Whole Package

Best Value Spotify Mobile Spotify

If you’re serious about your music, great promotion is absolutely vital. If no one is going to hear it, what’s the point?

Get the full TORS Promotion package and make a massive impact with your release.

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€15 per track for the 1st year
(€10 every year and track after)

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