Mixing and Mastering

Polish your track for your listeners ears

What Is Mastering?

Mastering is the final step of post-production done on any track being prepared for release. The goal is to create a perfectly balanced, cohesive mix that will sound great when played on any sound system. From tiny iPhone speakers to a huge speaker set, it’s important that your tracks sound incredible everytime.

Have you ever finished recording your track, happy with your vocals, all the instrumentation, and sound capture but thought ‘sounds great, but it’s missing something…..’?

This is what’s missing.

What Does Mastering Do?

Restoring Audio

We clean up the source files to remove any unwanted sounds e.g. hiss or pops. Removing these early is important as they will be more noticeable once the audio is amplified.


Balancing the audio is a vital part of the mastering process. We use an equalizer (EQ) to boost the signal at a certain frequency (perhaps to brighten a mix) and reduce it at another (perhaps to remove unwanted bass frequencies). It’s important that your track sounds great on whatever people play it on.


We use compression to balance and improve the dynamic range of your track. This means boosting the quieter elements whilst making sure the louder sections are still right where they need to be. This makes your track feel more focused and cohesive.

Enhancing The Stereo Field

You want your mix to be big, wide, and full of life! Through the mastering process, we’ll make sure that every element of the track sits in the right place and has the space it needs to shine.

Loud & Proud

The final step in the mastering process is using a limiter (which is a special kind of compressor) to make the track as loud as it can be without it affecting the quality of the audio. The limiter sets a peak ceiling (basically a cut off point) that stops the track from clipping and distorting the audio when it gets too loud.

Hear The Difference

Michelle LeAnn

Broken Shoes



Catch What’s Mine

Ryan Pocan



Pricing Options

Our pricing is all about giving you, the artist, complete control. With each option, you get the same great TORS service, so it’s up to you pick the option that is right for your project.


  • Up to 5 audio stems
  • Download in high resolution mp3 + Uncompressed WAV
  • 2 revisions
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  • Up to 25 audio stems
  • Download in high resolution mp3 + Uncompressed WAV
  • 3 revisions
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  • Up to 12 audio stems
  • Download in high resolution mp3 + Uncompressed WAV
  • 3 revisions
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What Our Clients Say

Manuel Cassaretto

Montevideo, Uruguay

To all the musicians and artists like me who want to put their music out there and want to be heard; trust me, this is the way to go!


New York, USA

I really liked that I could say literally anything and they would make it happen. They make you know that you are the most important voice in the whole process and it’s really awesome!


Texas, USA

It’s kind of a no brainer, it sounds like it’s too good to be true. But take it from a guy who knows, this was a phenomenal experience and you will be very very impressed!

Chris Deep

Moss Point, Mississippi

They understood my vision, developed it with me, and produced it EXACTLY as I imagined it - it’s amazing!

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