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The Online Recording Studio provides you with a team of highly experienced music industry professionals to help you achieve your goals. All the resources of a major label at your fingertips.

With world-class producers, pro session musicians, experienced engineers, brand designers, industry promoters, and a guaranteed knowledge that you own 100% of the copyright, if you want to be heard, this is the place for you!

We provide the opportunity for any artist to create and share top-quality tracks from anywhere in the world. World-class industry services on an independent artist budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy! You’ll work with your producer and our team of experienced to develop the song ideas.With the help of our highly-experienced session musicians, we’ll take care of recording all the instrumentation you want in our studios. Then you simply record your vocals from home and send us the audio files. We’ll mix and master everything at our end and send the final draft over to you.
The majority of artists we work with are recording on very basic home recording equipment. We’ve worked hard over the last 5 years to develop methods for getting the best possible sound out of lower-end equipment. We know that most people aren’t able to access top of the range microphones so we’ll help you get the best sound you can. Either through the processing we do on your vocals, guidance on how to prepare your room to capture the cleanest sound, or vocal coaching to help you give your ultimate performance; we’ll make sure your vocals sound their best.
We have a wide range of producers who specialize in all different genres. Whatever style your music is, we have highly experienced producers to help you bring your vision to life.
On completion of your project, all copyright is signed over to you so you own 100% of the track. This way any future profits belong to you in their entirety. Many artists use their earnings from tracks to reinvest in making more music with us!
As much as you’d like! We’re here to help you get the best sound possible and we do that by making sure there’s great communication between you and your producer. We work with artists of all different experience levels; some like to be involved in every step of the way, others like to sit back and enjoy the ride. Whatever your preference, you’ll be able to speak to your producer on video calls as much as you’d like.
Our pricing is all about giving control back to the artists. Regular recording studios will charge you by the hour, with additional costs for a producer, session musicians, mastering, and legal fees. This means it can often end up costing a lot more than you'd initially expected due to needing to book in more hours. We want to make it totally affordable for anyone to have top quality tracks so we do things a little differently; we charge by the instrument. The price of each instrument is fully inclusive of all production, recording, mixing, mastering, and your 100% copyright ownership of the track. This way, you have complete control over the size and price of your project.